Might not live in the country but want to. Rabid Pioneer Woman fan. Dream of owning chickens and already have 500 coop plans pinned to your Pinterest board. Love to relax in your suburban garden and don’t mind a little dirt under your fingernails.


Love my hens but roosters suck; dream of the day the coop isn’t a stinky mud pit. Rabid Pioneer Woman fan. Still trying to make that garden thing happen. Endless access to gorgeous Appalachian scenery and ready with a camera to capture it all.

I used to live in suburbia, dreaming of the day I could escape the rat race and live in the country. Now I’m sharing the realization of that dream through Backwater Stills.

Hi, I’m Kristy…

the artist and photographer behind Backwater Stills. My favorite pasttime is driving around and finding amazing things to photograph.

People often accuse me of not enjoying special moments because I’m always viewing life through a camera lens. But that’s how I do it. I capture the good times and I share my experiences with others, just as I’m sharing them with you now.

If you have questions or comments you can reach me here: [email protected]


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