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Angry Bird

Two of my free range roosters have claimed our living room window as their evening roost. Sometimes they hop up during the day to annoy my dog, and she falls for it every time. Which means barking and slobber on the window because when they turn around she tries to grab their butt feathers.


But she can’t.


Because there’s a window in the way.


And I’m pretty sure they know it.


But sometimes Grumpy pops up during the day just to yell at me for no apparent reason. They’re just a very angry species these roosters… but Grumpy is especially temperamental.


After all, this habit of yelling, and his attempted attacks upon my person, are why I called him Grumpy in the first place…


You can see him looking for me and almost hear what he’s thinking… Is she in there? Where’s the girl? I don’t see – ah yes… there she is… let me give her a piece of mind, small though it is… BWAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!



It helps the illusion that he also has old man eyebrows that stick up angrily when you look at him dead on.


So that’s Grumpy for you.


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  1. I remember Uncle John having a rooster that would try to flog you. I didn’t like him either. I stayed clear of him. Now that I am older I guess I would have way-layed it with something. Daddy would have probably used his slingshot on it. He used it on one chicken he thought was eating his blueberries. He killed it. He found out later that the birds were getting them. So, he wound up building a pen over and around the blue berry bushes to keep them out.

    1. I read an article about handling aggressive roosters and it has helped me deal with them better… You can’t run away, that’s a sign of weakness and will only make things worse. You shouldn’t squat down because that is what a submissive hen would do. So you look them in the eye (if they’ll look at you, which mine usually don’t) and put your hands on your hips so that your elbows are sticking out like wings, then I sort of lean in toward them. You walk toward them until they start pecking at the ground or move away from you and stop the posturing. Sometimes I also have to stomp my foot, but so far it’s working. They mostly follow me closely and watch me, but some days they’re just irritable.

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