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Behind the Scenes: Miss You

I thought it would be fun to share some of my work in a slightly different way. This is a series of posts to share some behind the scenes looks at the before and after, and the (sometimes) story behind the images in my collections.

Today’s image is Miss You from my first collection. Seems so long ago but it was only last March.

The Black & White Collection was originally comprised of ten images, but was eventually pared down to four. I had no idea what I was doing when I first started out, and some of the images were too small to make good prints. Luckily no one bought them before I figured that out.

Live and learn.

The original image (shown in the inset) is my Daisy Bear, staring intently out the window at something, probably birds since it was wintertime. We always had a lot of birds that migrated through our part of Tennessee and I kept the feeders full because I loved to watch them.

Of course, the dogs did, too.

BackwaterStills.com - Blog - Miss You Before and After Modern Farmhouse Art

I can tell she was about to say something, her face can be very expressive and her ears have popped up which means they’re in sonar mode.

That, and she likes to bark – just give her the slightest reason…

She’s about 3-1/2 years old now, but at this point we hadn’t had her for more than a few months and I was still obsessed with taking pictures of her. I say that like it’s changed… it hasn’t, I still hound her for photos.

She’s so pretty and her fur is incredibly shiny, can you blame me?

Plus I had a million pictures of Bo. He was so photogenic. Daisy was harder to capture. She moved around a lot more… seemed to have a second sense for when I was about to press the button. And because she’s dark, it’s hard to get good detail on her.

I’m not sure what I did to the photo… I don’t keep track like I should. I don’t have a method or routine that I follow. My guess is that I just made a negative image, possibly a second layer to mimic HD. I thought it made a nice wintry sort of silhouette, and at the time I was trying to raise money to restore an old hotel in town so I had Christmas cards on my mind.

Maybe it’s because I love Daisy Bear, but this is one of my favorites… of course most of the ones I release are. They’re like children, you don’t have a favorite-favorite, you just have a different sort of relationship with each one and you love them all.

Miss You is part of The Black & White Collection, available in various print mediums, including cellphone cases.

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