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Behind the Scenes – The Tree

I thought it would be fun to share some of my work in a slightly different way. This is a series of posts to share some behind the scenes looks at the before and after, and the (sometimes) story behind the images in my collections.

Today’s image is The Tree from The Barn Collection, my third release. It’s my favorite because it’s the actually the first  photo I ever messed around with and it inspired me to play around with more of my photos.

This particular piece was never intended to be part of any collection. Becoming a professional photographer and selling my work was something that didn’t even cross my mind at the time.


This photo was taken for the sole purpose of scouting out a house my parents thought they were interested in. I snapped pictures of the inside of the house, and I snapped pictures of the outside of the house. The outside just happened to have an amazing barn with a pond  and a tree on it.

And a gorgeous horse.

And the day was a little foggy so I didn’t consider it one of my better photos. But that’s the funny thing about Photoshop. Sometimes the photos you write off can get the most amazing results.



That isn’t even the first version of this photo but the other one just didn’t measure up. It was supposed to look embossed but it seemed too blurry and almost has a claymation vibe.


So there you have it. My genesis story and favorite piece.

Incidentally, Then Came Dusk is the same barn, just another angle. So even though my parents hated the house, something good did come out of the trip (and it was literally around the corner so it wasn’t like we had to drive far).

The Tree is part of The Barn Collection, available in various print mediums, including cellphone cases.

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