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Huey and Luey

This weekend we added to our flock. We do seem to be doing that a lot lately. In fact, we almost did it again on Monday when our local constable picked up a chicken… but it turned out to be a rooster. Pretty buff orpington, seemingly no attitude… but we have five roosters as it is and rooster are pretty wiley… he was probably a monster. (just kidding, that breed seems to be pretty easy going… just stay away from golden comets and rhode island reds…)

Anyway, this time we were lucky enough to get two khaki campbell ducks that someone didn’t have time to care for, and they were only an hour from here. Their names are Huey and Luey… and in case you are wondering, yes – they are girls.

So I’m not the only one doing this boy names for a girl duck thing. She named them, not me. Mine was accidental, can’t speak for her.

And yes, Huey and Luey poop a lot.

They were in an enclosure to themselves, next to a chicken coop, so they hadn’t interacted with other birds before. I figured they’d do alright after the adjustment, our birds have been pretty accepting of others so far. It seems like a bird is a bird to everyone except Boss Hogg, who isn’t fond of ducks. Or the hubs. Or Mayor Tom.

Since they had a pool at their previous home, the hubs put them in our pool to help them feel more at home. They were happy. They floated and splashed around for as long as we were out there, probably longer. And I’m happy to report that after three days they are starting to stray from the back corner and waddle nearby, and a little duck clique is even beginning to form between Lucy, Sam, Huey and Luey.

Here they are floating on their first day with us.

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Aren’t they beautiful?

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