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If Mitochondria were a Chicken…

For several weeks now, the Sebrights have been segregated in a pen in our front yard. I wanted them to get settled in, make sure they were healthy, and get them used to me before attempting to integrate them into the coop.

Three days ago I decided it was time to get over my own fear… I was worried that they’re so small, if they were attacked, they might be killed. But my friend has Sebrights in the coop with his chickens, so I had to try.

Initially I was going to move the pen into the coop for a few days to give them their own space, but it would be a  protected space. They’re so tiny… have I mentioned how tiny they are?

Moving the pen didn’t go so well. First I took Dru, my Maran, out and put her in the coop. Sophia, my Wyandotte was not cooperating. She ran away from me and wanted nothing to do with this new adventure. I’m convinced that she hates everybody. I managed to get the Sebrights into a dog kennel where I could hold them while I moved the pen… and realized the pen was too big to fit through the door of the coop.

And I was too lazy to take it apart and put it back together…

So I put the cage in the coop instead.

For two days I let everyone get acquainted. Dru hid behind the trashcan where I keep the feed, which was also next to the cage. She came out once, freaked herself out, ran in a quick circle, squawking the whole time, and it was back to the safety of the trashcan and the familiarity of the Sebrights.

Finally I let the Sebrights out and stayed to observe… not knowing what to expect but prepared for the worst.

BackwaterStills.com - Blog - Silver Sebright RoosterTiny Tim… the Sebright rooster, goes all prison rules and immediately picks what he perceives as the biggest, baddest chicken in the coop… Dali.

It’s on now!

Neck feathers flare like little drink umbrellas.
They start to mirror each other, they hop, they fly at each other and I’m just sure my little Sebright roo is a goner. But I’m waiting to see what happens because I know, while uncomfortable, these fights are a necessary part of the process… to roosters anyway.

BackwaterStills.com - Blog - Renoir the RoosterI’m ready to step in at a moment’s notice… but to my surprise… Tiny Tim doesn’t back down. The fight ends and everyone is still alive. No one is even injured.

I’m not sure who won, but now they’re buddies. They hang out. Dali even seems to look out for Tiny Tim.

A few minutes later… Tiny Tim and one of the Silkie roos go at it. Tiny Tim actually runs the Silkie roo out of the coop!

Not to be outdone, my Golden girl… Dorothy? She establishes a pecking order of her own. She’s on offense… she’s on defense…  These tiny little birds are badasses!

Dru however… is back in the pen. She was not at all happy in the coop. Renoir was completely smitten with her and she was terrified any time another chicken came near her. So I’m letting Dru and Sophia stay in the pen at night, and free range with Grumpy and Curious George during the day. It’s not a perfect system either, but she seems less unhappy this way.

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