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Always Look at Sebright Side of Life

When I was growing up there were pretty much two kinds of chickens, the red ones and the white ones. Three if you count the ones at the grocery store. I never owned any, so chickens looked like… chickens. Suffice it to say, when I started seriously looking at chickens I was amazed at the variety of colors, sizes, even types of feathers.

First I fell in lust with Silkies – everybody does right? – but when I saw the Silver Sebrights my heart actually skipped a beat. Their feathers looked like stained glass, as if someone painstakingly painted their edges with a delicate brush.

The artist in me fell in love.

When it came time to get chickens, practicality won out over beauty. Sebrights are too small to be meat chickens, and they lay eggs somewhere between a quail-sized egg and small chicken egg.

But the Sebrights still tugged at my heart. I didn’t need anymore chickens, but I wanted Sebrights.

So yesterday I saw an ad posted in a local trading group. Sebrights. Four of them. This time they were priced right. This time they were right up the road. This time they were silver instead of gold. This time there were roosters and hens. So I did it. Today I picked up my perfect flock of tiny sebrights.

Here’s the rooster. He looks like a toy with those black eyes and diminutive size… like he should have a wind up key in his butt!

BackwaterStills.com - Blog - Silver Sebright Rooster

Look at that comb! It’s like a plastic mold of Donald Trump’s hair!

As I was driving them home they were all on the roosting pole with room to spare. To give you a general idea of the Sebright’s size, Dru, my Maran, takes up half the pole by herself once she squats down. She’s a medium sized hen.

Here’s the whole flock, butts and all.

BackwaterStills.com - Blog - Sebright Flock

I can’t tell you how adorable they are, though adorable doesn’t seem appropriate when they’re so stunning. All I know is that I did the right thing. I am so enamored of these tiny creatures.

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P.S. Here’s a one minute chicken meditation video featuring my new flock so you can hear them (you have to hear them to fully appreciate the double whammy of cuteness).

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