Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

5 Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Flowers and chocolate are traditional Valentine's Day gifts... and they remain a classic for a reason.
But here are a few ideas to jazz it up a little, using *ahem* some of our products.

Valentine’s Day Gift Idea #1 ♥ If your sweetheart is a coffee lover, get a bag of gourmet coffee, a selection of flavored syrups, some chocolate dipped spoons, and a special coffee mug. Put all of the items in a basket and voila – a personalized gift they’re sure to love. Bonus points if you add some coffee cake to the mix!

Valentine’s Day Gift Idea #2 ♥ Instead of a bouquet, get your honeybun a small, colorful houseplant that will live forever… just like your love *sigh*. Stick said plant in a coffee mug – without removing it from the pot. This gift is most effective when served with a box of chocolates and a card explaining that plants make oxygen, and your love is also like oxygen…

Valentine’s Day Gift Idea #3 ♥ Tell the one you love that you’re a sucker for their sweet, sweet love by giving them a bouquet of lollipops (or cake pops)! Stick floral clay or a bunch of marbles in the bottom of a (you guessed it) coffee mug and add several lollipops to make the arrangement. And if things turn sour they can always use them bop you on the forehead for whatever you did wrong… but that won’t happen because you’re so thoughtful!

Valentine’s Day Gift Idea #4 ♥ Let sweetiepie know you understand their love of cows, chickens and all things barn related. Get a coffee mug and matching cell phone case as unique as the love you have for your one and only. If you get them a real chicken you should probably be ready to propose, because they’re going to want to marry you.

Valentine’s Day Gift Idea #5 ♥ When all else fails, let them know you love them – even if they’re complicated… Get a gift card so they can pick out what they want (and you still get credit for a thoughtful gift).

Here are a few of our Valentine's day picks...

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